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Long range passive rfid tags

2021-2-12 View:

The OPP130 is a UHF Gen 2 passive RFID tag and  Long range passive rfid tags ,that the reading distance up to 30 meters. The tag conform to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 specifications,which is hot selling product at OPPIOT technologies. The tags are made of rigid PC plastic, the compact, sleek and robust encasement withstands shocks, that can be used for cargo container tracking, yard and fleet management, pallet and other Returnable Transport Item (RTI) tracking, enhanced visibilty of assets in the automotive, maritime, railway and military sectors. 

The OPP130 is available in different colors and can be attached with industrial adhesive or optional bracket for screw、rivet mounting. Our product OPP130 meets IP-68 waterproofing standards, allowing outdoor use without degraded performance. The Alien Higgs-3 chip has 96-bit EPC memory and 64-bit user memory, allowing users to encode additional information such as internal identification numbers to the tag.The leading design technology of  Metal-mount RFID Tagenables it not only to have good resistance to metal properties, but also to operate remote read and write on metal surface. 

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