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Harshest Industrial technology solution

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RFID technologies have become one of the most promising solution and plan of action, making asset tracking solutions a reality. Provide customers information on assets in time ,and rational allocation of resources ,Realize traceability of non-networked effective resources .

We design the asset tracking tag to be able to handle real situations and extreme conditions .The below is Metal-mount RFID Tag Devil-5600 ,which can withstand temperatures from well below freezing to three hundreds degree for 100 hours, This  tag is designed for harsh working environment,such as can be used in Metallurgy Iron & Steel industry .We use 304 stainless steel material , which is  strong enough to withstand being used on shipping containers, or other heavy objects. The tag can be installed with screws or welding . An the tag should be used on metal surface, and the reading distance can reach 6.3 Meters with fixed reader . Besides,our tag devil-5600 canmeet the testing standard of RoHs ,Reach,CE ,ATEX etc.We have our own production line,We offer OEM / ODM service.

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