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Rfid Security Solutions Helps Better in Automation

2021-5-5 View:

Automobile manufacturing companies have a wide variety of parts and components, and the number of suppliers is huge. There are phenomena such as laborious communication of goods, large material inventory, congestion of factory logistics vehicles, unbalanced unloading scheduling, and emergency shortage of materials. Therefore, the automobile manufacturing industry often encounters situations such as congestion when entering and exiting during transportation and unloading, disorderly use of resources, and alarms for emergency shortages of materials.

Today, with the popularity of RFID, we can take advantage of the rfid security solutions and by implement logistics vehicle guidance and intelligent management of unloading through the application of RFID tags. It can realize intelligent vehicle guidance, real-time distribution of cargo space, and real-time monitoring of occupancy status, reducing the congestion rate of the warehouse by 70%, increasing the utilization rate of unloading resources by 100%, reducing labor by 30%, and solving the problems of abnormal stock out and confusion in production. It really benefits to use rfid tags to track objects instead human and more and more organization are getting benefit from the RFID.

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