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Using Rfid Tags To Track Objects Make The Work So Easy?

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Factory warehouse management is subject to the influence of manpower, cost, and staff quality, and the following problems have always existed. In today's fierce market competition environment, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are particularly important for every enterprise. In the cost structure of an enterprise, inventory is an extremely important component. As the market continues to expand, improper management of the ever-growing inventory will not only increase business costs, but there are also many problems that hinder business development. To achieve scientific and effective warehouse management and realize inventory rationalization, the key lies in the refinement of warehouse management. However, in the actual operation process, many problems have appeared.

We can use rfid tags to track objects in warehouse management, which can solve the above problems. By sticking electronic tags on the goods in the warehouse, give each goods a mark, or mark the pallet, so that the goods are connected to the pallet; then the antenna and reader are installed at the gate of the warehouse when the goods pallet passes through the gate When the time, the tags will be read by the reader, so that the number of goods in and out is known by calculating the number of tags, and then the warehouse software is used to automatically process the in and out of the warehouse to complete the operation of automatic in and out of the warehouse. Paste labels on the shelves to identify the shelves, and install a reader and on-board computer on the forklift to realize the association between the goods and the shelves; through the forklift reader to read the labels of the shelves and the goods, the goods can be accurately recorded. The storage location of the forklift can also provide the location information of the forklift in the warehouse, so as to deploy the forklift. The inventory process is completed using handheld reader and rfid asset management solutions. Employees take the handheld reader to read the data on the goods to be counted. After inspecting the goods to be counted, they can know the relevant information of the goods by reading the tags, and they can also enter the name of the goods. Find the location of the goods in the warehouse. Ensure the accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of factory warehouse management.

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