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RFID in Inventory tracking

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Inventory Fixed assets are difficult to manage due to their large number, wide distribution, and frequent changes. They have always been a major focus of corporate management. Fixed asset management includes operations such as addition, allocation, idleness, scrapping, maintenance, and inventory of assets, so that the entire process from being put into use to being scrapped and out of use is fully information-based. In the past, fixed assets have always been due to a large number of management documents, heavy inventory work, and a large amount of manpower and material resources, which made the historical operation of fixed assets and asset statistics extremely difficult, resulting in asset loss and repeated asset purchases. RFID technology has greatly improved the management of fixed assets. From the equipment purchase, the assets are bound by RFID sensor tags. The barcode number, name, equipment type, use department, purchase date, price, etc. of the asset are written in the RFID tags components Information, and control the life cycle. RFID technology provides an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform for automatic asset identification and intelligent management. 

RFID systems can not only keep track of tools on site but also be used in building management to monitor components such as escalators and pumps and manage safety inspections.

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