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RFID Intelligent Warehouse Management

2021-7-9 View:

Transferring product data from the central computer to the workpiece will provide security for the system, avoid reading data directly from the system and greatly improve the security of the system, and use encryption methods to protect the data in the RFID security solutions. It can be guaranteed that the data will not be read.
RFID tags to track objects is not limited by size and shape, and does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy. This has a greater advantage than the use of barcode technology on items that need to be combined with the shape and size of the items. . In addition, the miniaturization of RFID radio frequency tags can be more flexibly applied to the production line to control the production of products.

The data stored by RFID is electronic data, and the carrier for storing data is an electronic chip. This chip has the function of repeated writing and can be reused, reducing the one-time investment cost of the project.

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