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OPP IOT RFID tags make Tools Tracking Easy

2018-9-29 View:

Tools are vital to industrial operations. Standard tools, such as socket wrenches and hammers, are used in nearly every industry, while specialized tools are required in many industrial activities. Being able to locate them when they are needed is critically important, because lack of ability can lead to costly operational slowdowns. To try to prevent this problem industrial operations have long used tool cribs and sign-out/sign-in procedures for tools, however, both the efficiency and accuracy have been less than desired.

In situations where there may be FOD risks (foreign object damage) or FME (foreign material exclusion) considerations, for example the aviation and energy industries, using RFID to identify tools and track their use in the maintenance cycle (MRO) can reduce the accidents caused by human factors. Of course, RFID can also substantially improve both the accuracy and effectiveness of tool tracking, and reduce tool replacement costs, lost productivity and errors.

Since there is no “one-size-fits-all” RFID tag for the different size and shape of tools out there, selecting the tag best suited for the specific tool will maximize the read range performance and attachment methods. With the recent launch of the OPP IOT  UHF RFID tag, customers now have another choice of tag for tool tracking, especially those tools that need a durable, slim and low profile tag. The OPP IOT UHF RFID tag is designed to be integrated into the recesses of metal tools without compromising performance.

In our updated presentation on the best practices for RFID tool tracking we look at some of the keys to successfully deploying an RFID tool tracking system.

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