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OPPIOT RFID solution - Power inspection

2018-11-22 View:
"For a long time . Traditional power asset management always relied on non-automated, paper-based systems to record and track management; a few use barcodes to identify and manage assets; but efficiency is extremely low, with the number of assets The increase has greatly increased the burden on managers, and colleagues have increased the difficulty of asset management; the data is often not timely and the error rate is high. It often leads to chaotic inventory management and errors in the inbound and outbound data. If it cannot be solved , it will bring great cost problems to the enterprise.
Using RFID automatic identification technology to realize automatic paperless data collection; improve the completeness of equipment inspection system; use advanced technology to make use of stored data and convenient and efficient data and application results, and become an effective solution method.
OPPIOT propose RFID solutions with the main implementation goals as follow:
1. Positioning assets in a timely and reliable manner
2. Non-contact automatic identification of power attribute information
3. Reduce the inventory cost of power assets, improve inventory utilization and audit frequency
4. Adopt automatic/semi-automatic identification to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inventory
5. Establish a unified power asset information platform.

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