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RFID PCB tags use in High speed rail

2018-5-13 View:


High-speed railway on the maintenance of the use of tools management has a strict request, Tool inventory  must be consistent before and end the road , then hand over the inverntory to the next people.

Now the management way rely on human to check  inventory, confirmed that the use of tools and the number of more mathematical, and most maintenance operations are at night, vision is not open, coupled with the uneven quality of personnel, it is easy to cause inventory errors , so it will have risk to The formation of dangerous high-speed rail security  negative factors.

RFID-based railway maintenance tool management system is a combination of modern science and technology and economic development of the product. Especial RFID PCB tags  size D5MM use in the metal surface  tool, The people carried the RFID Reader to scan the tool WHICH RFID PCB tags inside, start the operation, the need to use the tool "out of the library" operation, when the tool back, the tool to scan, to achieve "storage" operation. Finally, leave the maintenance site, you can use the handheld on the "Browse" function of the tool to confirm the inventory, if the tool is not returned, the hand reader will use voice prompts people, then look for the tool back This will manage the tool, will greatly improve the efficiency, degree of automation, to ensure the return of tools to ensure that the number of tools, numbers and tools on the same list to prevent the tools forgotten on the tracks, so as to avoid accidents.

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