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RFID tool tracking for production line management

2021-6-25 View:

The intelligent production line management system based on RFID technology combines the latest passive RFID tool tracking technology and middleware software to form a complete set of proprietary system solutions, which can help manufacturers solve many problems in daily production management and improve operational efficiency. Effectiveness, reducing production line downtime, optimizing raw material and parts inventory, thereby increasing and maintaining the optimal output value, thereby increasing the level of profitability.

System application
Workshop production line: For manufacturers, timely and accurate feedback information about the production line is very important. By using rfid location tracking tags on products or pallets, and installing RFID reading devices at each node of the production line, they can understand the detailed working conditions of the production line. Thereby improving productivity and asset utilization.
Automobile production line: With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing demand for automobiles, the automobile manufacturing industry is facing considerable production pressure. The use of asset tracking tags to monitor and manage the automobile production line process can strengthen quality control and tracking, and is effective Control costs locally and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

System characteristics
1. Automatically generate semi-finished product reports and finished product reports during and after processing.
2. Real-time tracking of inventory, assembling parts and spare components.
3. Keep the latest project information on RFID tagl in order to manage the production and assembly of complex or customized products, without the need to write separate assembly status and catalog tables.
4. The production date, code, batch and other information of the product can be automatically stored on tag.

5. At the same time, the information of the entire product processing process can be stored for searching during traceability, optimizing the management of parts and components, and improving product quality.

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