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Smart Warehouses by Using UHF Tags

2021-7-5 View:

The main application scenario is the usage of rfid asset management solutions, UHF RFID fixed reader products, and the rfid tags to track objects. It’s to have good anti-collision and anti-interference performance, high recognition rate, strong functions, high reliability, and good scalability. It is widely used in clothing inventory, intelligent warehousing, intelligent transportation and other fields. It can realize modern logistics management, integrated systems such as intelligent customs clearance, automatic identification of urban vehicles, intelligent parking, and highway non-stop toll applications. Features with carrier cancellation function, stronger anti-interference ability; support EPC intensive reading mode (DRM); long-distance reading, RF output power reaches 30dBm; Support 640Kbps tag data reading rate; Flexible configuration and parameter setting, providing maximum label reading and best working performance.

Application field
·Item inventory
·Smart warehousing
·Supermarket anti-theft
·Container Tracking
·Intelligent transportation and vehicle management
·Large-scale RFID system application

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