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OPPIOT solution for wagon asset tracking

2021-2-1 View:

If you have smaller size of RFID sensor tags with outer case like RFID sensor tags OPP087 ,which can be apply in trailer and train wagon environment ,but small size ,and with long distance range  RFID?

Now OPPIOT can have a confirmed answer that yes ,we have ,RFID tags OPP069 can meet your request

Asset tracking is a powerful RFID tool, allows you to have full visibility and control of containers, pallets, crates, and RTI (Reusable Transport Items) once the cars travel in ,and people no need to jump on the cargo for make an inventory .our metal mount rfid tags OPP069 make a good pole in this tracking application .

See product detail as follow :

The RFID tags have outer casing ,so people can used it outdoor freely ,since the tags can have UV protective and so on .

Size is 69.0x23.0mm, Hole: D5.2mmx2   ,there have two holes which can be install by screw and binding freely on the metal surface .

Reading range as follow on metal surface .

Read Range :

(Fix Reader)

Up to 11.0m, US ( 902-928MHZ )

Up to 10.0m, EU ( 865-868MHZ )

Read Range :

(Handheld Reader)

Up to 5.5m, US ( 902-928MHZ )

Up to 5.0m, EU ( 865-868MHZ )


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Feeny Lai



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