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Atom Series UHF Tag for Use on Metal and on Other Difficult Surfaces

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Would you like to ensure the successful launch of your RFID implementation? With On Metal Tag, OPP IOT’s new, on-anything tag, it’s easy. On Metal Tag works on any surface, and performance variation has been minimized using an innovative structure that makes On Metal Tag the Minimum printable UHF on-anything tag ever. It has never been easier to be an RFID expert.
On Metal Tag is a new product from OPP IOT that provides the Minimum printable solution ever for tagging metal objects and surfaces, as well as challenging non-metal objects.
The product is ideal for tagging metal objects, such as fire extinguishers, car parts, scaffolding, steel pallets, trolleys, beer kegs, water, gas and oil pipes, metal cabinets, machine parts, power and assembly line tools. It is also a great solution for tagging difficult non-metallic items, such as liquid canisters/containers, paint pails and high-detuning surfaces. This printable, on-metal tag enables applications that were not possible earlier with traditional UHF inlays, and offers the possibility to print and encode the product with standard RFID printers on-site, which can reduce project costs dramatically.
On Metal Tag is available for use with both ETSI and FCC frequencies (865-868 MHz for Europe, and 902-928 MHz for the Americas and Asia). The solution’s ultra-thin form factor makes it extremely easy to print on: it can be encoded and printed on standard RFID printers, and also features a printable face material, which is usable by thermal transfer printers.
The tag features an Impinj Monza 4QT integrated circuit with a 512-bit user memory, and the transponder is die-cut and laminated with white PET 50. The air interface uses the EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C protocol. Two versions of the product are currently available: the first with aggressive RA-4 adhesive, and the second without adhesive. This second, dry version has been developed to fulfill the requirements of converters.

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