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Magnet-mount RFID tag OPP9020M reading range up to 10.8 meters

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Magnetic On-Metal RFID Tag
OPP9020M, a long-read-range, rugged, magnet-mount UHF RFID tag solution conceived for industrial applications where tags must be frequently moved from a metallic asset to another one.   
OPP9020M can easy mounting and removal from metal objects,Compliant with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID standard, OPP9020M uses the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip to provide high performance across all world's regions with read range up to 10.8 meters. Thanks to its rugged FR4 encasement, which measures 90 x 20 x 5 millimeters, this magnet-mount RFID tag can be reliably used to track work-in-process parts and returnable transport items in very harsh industrial and outdoor environments. The standard color is black, but can be customized upon customer request, as well as the encasement material and the chip model. The product can be delivered pre-programmed and marked with logos, barcodes and human-readable data.
Functional Specifications
RFID Protocol:EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency :US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz
IC type:Alien Higgs-3
Memory:EPC 96bits (Up to 480bits) , USER 512bits, TID64bits
Write Cycles:100,000times
Data Retention:Up to 50 Years
Applicable Surface:Metal Surfaces
Read Range(On Metal) (Fix Reader:ThingMagic M6-E, 36dBm/4W)
Up to 10.8m - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 10.5m - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Read Range(On Metal) :(Handheld Reader: OP9908,R2000,33dBm/2W)
Up to 6.5m - (US) 902-928MHz, on metal
Up to 6.3m - (EU) 865-868MHz, on metal
Warranty:1 Year
Physical Specification
Size:90x20mm, (Hole: D3mm)
Material:FR4 (PCB)
Colour:Black (Red, Blue, Green, White)
Mounting Methods:Magnet
Magnetic Field:≥580 Gauss
Enivironmenal Specification
IP Rating:IP68
Storage Temperature:-30°C to +75°C
Operation Temperature:-30°C to +75°C
Certifications:Reach Approved,RoHS Approved,CE Approved

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