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RFID Technology in Tool Management

2018-1-1 View:
"In some large repair shops, machinery companies, it’s a cumbersome and time-consuming job to look for production tools or make an inventory due to the large number of tools. Moreover, the tools are very easy to lose because of the low degree of automation and lack of human management.

RFID technology implements system of intelligent management on tools. The core technology of RFID is the achievement of function to collect data  automatically, combining database with software management system to achieve automated management tools so as to improve effectively production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of managers.

We embed in each tool the OPP5010 UHF tag, with which connect the system database, manage these tools through the RFID handheld readers.
UHF tags for tool tracking
The tags’ performance is superior. When the tag faces downward, being covered by the tool, it can still be read by a RFID reader with read range of about 50 CM.
tool tracking tags
Features of OPP5010 UHF Tag:
1. Small size, thin thickness;
2. Embeddable into assets, stable and reliable in performance;
3. Resist high temperature, vibration and impact;
4. Meet the International Standard of the EPC Global Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C; 
5. Memory: EPC 96bits (Up to 480bits), USER 512bits, TID64bits

1. Tool management and tracking;
2. IT server management;
3. Management on military assets or weapons. 

In addition, we have Atom series UHF tag, which is very small in size, very suitable for management of embedded tag.

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