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OPP IOT Long Range RFID tags and application

2018-11-4 View:

OPP IOT offers a variety of long range RFID tags with protocols that enable users to track large and high valuable assets across large areas and spaces. These tags are available in 860- 960 MHz frequencies. Some of the key feature characteristics of this type of tags are their durability, ruggedness, and their long range sensing capabilities; various form factors and the passive RFID technology. These long-range RFID tags support various protocols such as ISO/IEC 18000-6C and EPC Class1 Gen2. The tags respond to different needs and are design to be suitable for multiple environments and purposes. 

Long Range RFID tags Applications
The long-range RFID tags  enable the user to track assets across large areas and spaces. This product is suitable to different industries and is applicable to a wide range of businesses. Some of the applications for this type of tag include people tracking, asset location & tracking, warehouse inventory management, alarm systems, industry automation systems, monitoring of an items temperature, use on metal, oil & gas industry and mining. Other uses for the long range RFID tags include personnel and patient tracking, hospitals and care centers.

Our selection of long range tags provide your application with ways to track assets as follow: 
Reading range Up to 30 meters,PC shell,Alien Higgs-3 chip
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Reading range Up to 9.8 meters, pc shell,Impinj Monza R6-P chip
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Reading range Up to 10.8 meters,Mounting on metal by Magnet,Alien Higgs-3 chip
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Reading range Up to 10.8 meters, Mounting on metal,Alien Higgs-3 chip
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Reading range Up to 10.3 meters,Mounting on metal,Alien Higgs-3 chip
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Reading range Up to 8.2 meters,Mounting on metal,Impinj Monza 4QT Chip
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Reading range Up to 9 meters,high temperature storage environment up to 200 degree,Flexible,non Metal Surfaces,Alien Higgs-3 chip
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Reading range Up to 7.5 meters,Flexible,Non Metal Surfaces,Alien Higgs-3  Chip
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