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UCODE® DNA: UHF Tag IC for Secure Authentication

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The secure UCODE DNA RAIN RFID (UHF) tag IC supports use cases that require long read ranges of up to 15 meters. The IC combines advanced contactless performance with cryptographic security and enables a variety of Smart City applications, such as asset tagging, automatic vehicle identification, access control, and supply chain management.

The security of the chip is based on a 128-bit AES key which is stored in the IC hardware and performs cryptographic authentication checks. The UCODE DNA IC is designed in compliance with standards for worldwide interoperability, namely the GS1™ UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0 (Annex N, Tag Alteration (Authenticate)), and ISO/IEC 29167-10 for proof of origin based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Key Features
- Read sensitivity -19 dBm
- AES authentication sensitivity -18 dBm
- Write sensitivity -11 dBm
- Encoding speed: 32 bits per 1.5 milliseconds
- Standard functionalities
 Tag Power Indicator
 Automatic self pre-serialization for 96-bit EPC
 Integrated Product Status Flag (PSF)
 Parallel encoding mode: >100 items in 60 ms
- GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0 (Annex N, Tag Alteration (Authenticate))
- ISO/IEC 29167-10
- Compatible with single-slit antenna

- 224-bit of EPC memory
- Supports self pre-serialization for 96-bit EPC
- 96-bit Tag IDentifier (TID) factory locked
- 48-bit serial number factory-encoded into TID
- Up to 3kbit User Memory (3072 bits) with BlockPermalock (depending on IC version and configuration)
- 32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
- 32-bit access password
- Wide operating temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C
- Minimum 100,000 write cycle endurance
- Data retention 20 years

End user benefit
- Tag authentication based on cryptographic security
- Privacy protection based on cryptographic security
- Long read/write ranges due to leading edge chip sensitivity
- Hassle-free deployment even without significant security knowhow and even without secure backend infrastructure due to NXP’s Trust Provisioning service offering
- Reliable operation in dense reader and noisy environments through high interference rejection

Antenna design benefits
- High sensitivity enables smaller and cost efficient antenna designs
- Selected chip impedance enables re-use of antenna designs from UCODE 7

Label / module manufacturer benefit
- Large RF pad-to-pad distance to ease antenna design
- Symmetric RF inputs are less sensitive to process variation
- Single-slit antenna for a more mechanically stable antenna connection
- Automatic self pre-serialization of the 96-bit EPC
- Extremely fast encoding of the EPC content

- Smart City
- Access Management
- Automatic Vehicle Identification
- Baggage Tagging
- Brand Protection
- Fleet Management
- Inventory and Supply Chain Management
- Loyalty

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