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Advantages of UHF RFID Tags

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Advantages of UHF RFID Tags

I.Faster data read rate

Faster waves mean faster data transfer. This allows your antennas to receive more information in a much shorter amount of time – up to 20x shorter than HF to be exact. Of course, in the fast-paced world of retail, speed is of the essence, especially if you’re running a big store that’s always packed with rushing customers. There’s just so much going on that you can’t afford to experience any lag in any part of your operation.

II.Better range
Another benefit of UHF radio waves is that they travel so much farther than their LF and HF counterparts. This ultimately gives you more wiggle room in terms of how you can layout your store. It also allows you to position each product wherever you want without running the risk of having its tag go out of your antenna’s range.

III.UHF RFID tags cost Lower
Every tag-based EAS system relies on two components to work: an antenna or a reader and a whole lot of tags. Obviously, antennas are pretty much a one-time investment (at least until they break down), but tags are more of a regular expense so you’d want something that won’t break the bank. Well, UHF RFID tags are also generally cheaper than LF and HF tags, which is probably why more and more retailers are switching to them.

IV.UHF RFID tags have Better compatibility
Unlike LF and HF tags that follow multiple competing standards, UHF tags comply with a single international Gen2 standard. This means that there are no compatibility issues to worry about when you go UHF. All you have to do is get a good antenna and some decent tags and you’re all set.

V.UHF RFID tags Can be read simultaneously
UHF antennas can read hundreds of tags at the same time – which makes it perfect for all sorts of retail applications. No matter how busy your store gets, you can rest assured that your UHF EAS system will be able to keep up.

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