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The Devil3002 RFID tags are perfectly applied on the automotive production line

2024-3-6 View:

rfid tag on automobile production line

The ultra-high frequency RFID tag Devil3002 has been tested in various harsh environments and successfully applied to automotive production lines. 

The testing procedure is outlined as follows:
1. Ultrasonic cleaning with alkaline liquid at 60 degrees Celsius
2. Perform ultrasonic pre degreasing with alkaline liquid at 55 degrees Celsius
3. Room temperature water washing
4. Clean with pure water at room temperature
5. Conduct silane treatment at 40 degrees Celsius (acidic)
6. Further clean with pure water at room temperature
7. Electrophoresis and 32 degree electrophoretic paint
8. Final pure water cleaning
9. Dry at 200-250 degrees Celsius

In the above complex and harsh environments, it is imperative to ensure the complete sealing of the tag to protect the chip and antenna from corrosion caused by acidic and alkaline liquids. It is also crucial to guarantee the RFID chip remains undamaged at temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius. After four years of development and validation, OPPIOT has successfully addressed these challenges, and devil3002 rfid tag will be introduced into various automotive production and chemical engineering fields."

Application scenarios:
1.High-temperature drying below 260 degrees Celsius.
2.High-temperature, high-pressure, and high-humidity disinfection and sterilization.
3.Ultrasonic cleaning.
4.Cleaning with acidic and alkaline liquids.
5.Electrophoretic environments.
6.Shot blasting cleaning.
7.High-pressure autoclaves.
8.Automotive production and manufacturing, silane treatment, chemical industry, semiconductor, underwater operations."

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