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868-915MHz RFID UHF Chips Types & Application

2017-7-10 View:

UHF Chip Tags

RFID 868-915MHz UHF chips, generally, are based on ISO18000-6C standard.

UHF frequencies guarantees reading distances up to 10 meters and chips, generally,  have a EPC memory, a TID memory and  different size user memory.

UHF Chip types:
I. Alien Higgs3: Chip of interesting features, both for  user memory size (512bit) and for high performance as reading distance.
II. Alien Higgs4: Chip very intersting becuase of the cost, very low, and the performances, seriously improved, compared to Alien Higgs3. User memory is reduced to 128bit.
III. NXP UCODE7: Without user memory and with 128bit  EPC memory is a very simple and low-cost chip.
VI. NXP UCODE DNA: Chip based on GS1 Gen2 V2 standard with encryption, it is untraceable with a 3072bit user memory.

868-915MHz UHF Chip tags Application:
Access Control
Job Security
Timing of sport races
Asset Management
Waste Management

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